Hiccup relaxed the moment he stepped foot in the clearing, finally they were out of sight and away from prying eyes. 

He turned to the bag floating behind him the fluffy head of a black cat peeking out mischeviously. 

"Okay Toothless you know what happens next."

Hiccup stepped back as the cat hopped out of the bag and trotted up to his friend and master and with a flourish of Hiccup’s wand and a firm tap to the cats’ nose the spell was uttered. The Ravenclaw quickly stood back as the cat began to grow, it’s form shifting and fur molting off like a snake shedding its old skin. 

In the place of the cat was a large black dragon who stretched its wings and have a loud snort, blowing rings of smoke. Hiccup lowered his wand and hugged the dragon round his neck tightly causing it to purr deeply with delight.

"Feel better now bud?"

The dragon gave Hiccup a nasty look as if to say: ‘what do you think?’. Hiccup rolled his eyes and flicked the dragon lovingly on a head spine. Toothless retaliated by licking Hiccup’s cheek, making the wizard squawk. He was just about to threaten transfiguring the illegal dragon back into his cat form when a new voice spoke up.

"Y’know, when people tossed rumours round that Haddock had a dragon on site, I didn’t really believe them."

Hiccup turned to see Jackson Overland, also known as the most annoying dipshit to grace the face of the wizarding world, frost magic expert and the best Seeker the Slytherin Quidditch team had had in years. If Hiccup had to describe just how annoying Jack was; he’d put it this way: fuck Harry Potter saving all of European wizard kind, Hiccup bet that if you put Jack in a room for 10 minutes with the Dark Lord, Voldemort would be dead from all the awful lost nose puns Jack had to offer.

"When people talked about how you’re a nosy little git I wholeheartedly agreed with them."

Hiccup turned sharply levelling his wand to Jack’s nose. Toothless snorted and Jack’s eyes went huge, like Christmas had come early, ignoring the wand threatening to wipe his memory and sidestepped to have a closer look at the dragon.

"Is he yours?"

He asked breathlessly, Hiccup looked to Toothless who gave the Slytherin a slow suffering look, if he wasn’t Hiccup’s, he’d be picking his teeth with the boys’ prosthetic foot by now. 

"Yeah. Toothless is mine. He’s my best friend."

"He’s illegal you know."

"Merlin’s fucking stained pants, no SHIT. What you going to report me?"

Hiccup retorted sarcastically stowing away his wand and waving a hand to summon his books so he could maybe study in peace as Toothless begrudgingly let Jack touch his soft leathery nose. he had barely opened his ‘Advanced Spells for the Magically Gifted and Bored’ book when Jack laughed.

"Report you? Why would I report you? This is officially the coolest thing ever."

"Glad to know I exceed expectations."

Hiccup replied dryly considering casting a silencio on Jack because the daft Slytherin was beginning to babble away about uninteresting things and intricate charms such as levitation using the mind as the casting point rather than the wand was far more worthy of Hiccup’s time.

Eventually Jack lapsed into silence and ended up sitting next to Hiccup watching him. Hiccup glanced at the Slytherin.

"Can I help you?"

Jack took a deep breath,

"Yeah, can I ride him?"

He asked pointing to Toothless who absently grazed, chewing the tough grass stalks and soothing his sore gums. Hiccup let out a groan, realising he had now made a friend with the last person he had ever considered being friendly with. However he let a small smile across his lips.


Hogwarts AU, set in the same time frame as the original HP books, so yes Voldemort and all existing Potter characters would exist so it seems. 

Hiccup has Toothless but transfigures him into a cat to avoid revealing the fact he has a DRAGON which is highly illegal in Britain. He also has a prosthetic foot. 

Jack is one of the only slytherins who doesn’t give any two fucks and is probably bffs with Fred and George. 

The battle of Hogwarts is what sets Hiccup and Jack together for life both as romantic partners and inseparable friends. Not they they weren’t close before but its in the midst of war their relationship essentially ‘blossoms’.

When Hiccup is hit with a Crucio, Jack leaps in to protect him, going on a Reducto rampage killing several death eaters in the process and because of the disruption in Hiccup’s magical concentration Toothless transfigures back into a dragon. Which really sends Death Eaters packing. Jack then hauls ass to get Hiccup out of there on Toothless.